Did You Know: Edge Gilding

Wed, 2020-07-15

Edge Gilding has been the craze these days in the printing industry. There's just something about those gleaming edges that people cannot get enough of. In general, utilising cards' edges have always been popular, due to the fact that decorating that additional dimension easily adds more pizzazz and personality to any given card. Combine that with foil (which in itself has great versatility and visual appeal), and you have the recipe for a picture perfect card.

So, what is Edge Gilding? Edge Gilding is the process of applying a metallic foil to the outer edges of substrate, such as cards or books. The popular colour choices for said foil are gold and silver.

Likely originating from Europe, evidence of gilded edges were found on books as early as the 15th century. While beautiful, gilded edges were multi-purpose - they did not only provide a striking and luxurious appearance. The purpose of gilding was primarily protective, as the finish prevented pollutants such as dust from penetrating the pages. Moreover, it made cleaning easier too. Today, however, gilding is done to lend an air of luxurious sophistication to stationery and is especially popular for personal calling cards and event invitations.

To the untrained eye, creating foiled edges might seem like a difficult task, having to apply those delicate pieces of foil to each thin edge of cardstock. However, making those beautiful edges is relatively easier than that. First, a pre-cut stack of paper has its edges carefully sanded down to create an extremely flat and even finish. This plane finish is vital in creating the ideal surface for Edge Gilding. Next, a specialized rolling machine is used, to press extremely thin layers of metal foil against the cardstock edge with a heated roller under high pressure. This leads to the foil sticking firmly to the edge of each individual page or card, resulting in each edge having their own beautiful foiled finish.

Edge Gilding is an impeccable printing method that instantly elevates your printed work, and its widespread popularity is truly no surprise. Interested in using Edge Gilding in your next printing project? Contact us through our website for any enquiries! For additional Edge Gilding love and inspiration, follow our Instagram page (instagram.com/pyprstudio).

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