Did You Know: Thermography

Wed, 2020-07-08

What is Thermography printing?

Also known as Thermographic printing, Thermography printing is a popular printing method that is often used on all kinds of paper stationery. It's glossy, smooth and raised appearance appeals to all kinds of stationery, from wedding stationery to business stationery. Stationers around the world can count on Thermography printing to make their final product look classy and professional. This quality makes it perfect for highlighting special elements on a particular piece of stationery. For this reason, it is typically used on specific elements, such as titles, names, logos or letterheads.

Let's take a step back in time. As a result of few records being kept when Thermography printing was in its early developmental stages, there is little known about the first developments with this type of printing. However, it is known that another similar method, thermal printing or raised printing, dates back to the early 20th century. It is said that it was roughly developed in approximately 1905.

So, how does it work? The process starts with a card is printed, typically with offset printing ink. While the ink is still wet, powdered resin is sprinkled onto it. The card is then exposed to high heat, baking the resin. The resin and ink fuses together, creating raised and textured lettering. This resin is usually clear and colourless so that the raised area takes the colour of the printed ink. However, for special projects that require for it, different coloured powder are also available: white, gold, silver, copper and even glow-in-the-dark.

Thermography printing is popular because of its raised effect. In the printing world, methods that provide a level of depth to a flat piece of paper is always all the rage (see Letterpress, Embossing). There's just something about that extra dimension that people adore. Another factor that contributes to its fame is its cost, because it is relatively inexpensive. When compared to other methods that can achieve a similar effect, such as Embossing or Engraving, Thermography printing is more affordable.

All in all, Thermography printing is a well-rounded printing method that truly deserves its fame. Interested in using it in your future printed works? Contact us through our website for any enquiries! For prints inspiration, follow our Instagram page (instagram.com/pyprstudio).

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