Did You Know: Die-cutting

Mon, 2020-07-13

Ever wondered what is Die-cutting, and why it seems to be so popular? Read on to find out how this printing method has taken the modern printing world by storm!

First, let's establish what is a 'die'. You've probably heard the term thrown around whenever it comes to printing. Well, a die refers to a thin, sharp steel blade that has been formed into a specific shape or pattern. In simple terms, it's a heavy-duty metal cookie-cutter. While most print shops have a selection of standard dies readily available (for common shapes), custom dies must be created for unique and specific designs.

So, what is die-cutting exactly? Well, it refers to the process of using a die to cut paper materials, such as cards or labels into various shapes. Die-cutting is usually an automated operation. It is carried out through a machine that can mass produce large quantities of a same design,. This means that the your desired final product can be reproduced effieciently and consistently. creating an efficient process with consistent results.

Due to the customisation possibilities when it comes to a die, Die-cutting is extremely versatile, wearing many hats. Here at our print studio, we've seen so many creative and inspiring ideas that our clients have brought forward to us. From using a die to shape the entire outline of a card to only shaping a particular edge that fits the design. Die-cutting can also cut out a shape within the center of a piece, increasing its flexibility to create the design you want.

Die-cutting provides a singular and inimitable route to creating exceptional printed works, be it for business stationery, promotional materials or even packaging. The distinct, differing shapes upgrades the material's overall visual appeal to the untrained and trained eye.

All in all, Die-cutting is amazing for upping the charisma of your printed work. With its flexible functions, you'll find a way to implement this multifaceted printing method. Interested in using Die-cutting in your next printing project? Contact us through our website for any enquiries! For additional Die-cutting love and inspiration, follow our Instagram page (instagram.com/pyprstudio).

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